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Autrica, the first fragrance for a French town

A first for Créassence: Katell Plisson & Sylvie Jourdet just created the first fragrance for a French city, dedicated to Chartres.

Its name: Autrica, a historical commemoration for scents embodying modernity.

The bright city of Chartres was born on the banks of the Autura (Eure) more than 2000 years ago and took the name of Autricum, to become the largest city of Lyon Gaul.

Like a homecoming, Autrica is a fresh floral fragrance reflecting Chartres.

A green and tonic start evokes the city’s dynamism and modernity. The floral heart, delicate pink, recalls the beauty and classic elegance of this city. Finally, the fragrance evolves towards a musky, sweet and warm core, suggesting well-being and sweetness of living in Chartres.

Autrica was launched the 2nd of June 2012, on the occasion of the perfume festival held in Chartres. Créassence let the Chartrains (inhabitants of Chartres) discover this fragrance, which met great success on the eve of Mother’s Day, through a fun and interactive workshop.

Autrica is on sale in Chartres Tourist Office (locate on Google Maps).


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