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The new raw materials in the perfume industry

 On June 6 and 7, the International Fair of Raw Materials for Perfumery (SIMPPAR) took place at the Espace Champerret in Paris.

Officially created in 2006 by the French Society of Perfumers under the chairmanship of Sylvie Jourdet, it welcomes today, in an associative framework, a very wide public going from students in perfumery to professionals in the sector.

This event, which takes place every other year, is highly awaited since many producers of raw materials go there to exhibit their products; it can be natural raw materials as well as synthetic materials. Each exhibitor highlights its new discoveries or its key products. It can for example be a new flower variety or a new extraction method to obtain its essence.

Once again this year, very large perfume companies such as Firmenich, Robertet and IFF (International Fragrance Foundation) were present as well as smaller specialized structures such as Floral Concept (specialist in flower extracts) or Lluch Essence.

This was an opportunity for perfumers and other professionals in the perfume sector to discover companies producing raw materials, their specialties and novelties. Exhibitors who need to attract the attention of visitors, had cared for the decoration of their exhibition stands and worked the devices to smell their raw materials. The aim was to immerse visitors in a truly exotic atmosphere or related to the values ​​of the company. Some exhibitors largely took up the challenge as it was the case of Symrise whose floor was covered with synthetic grass and walls completely masked by tree leaves. Stepping foot in this stand felt like entering into a forest with strong natural smells.

Ventos, a Spanish company of natural raw materials had recreated within its stand, the studio of a Parisian painter. Completely covered with paint stains and sprinkled with paintbrushes and palettes, this bright stand had a “view” of the famous Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. The experience was all the more touching as we left with a perfumed brush of the material of our choice, perhaps a nod to the status of perfumer’s artist?


Here are some exhibitors and their products that caught our attention:

FF-LMR Sandalwood:

IFF is a world-renowned American perfume creation company which acquired in 2000 LMR (Laboratoire Monique Remy), Grasse producer of natural raw materials. For LMR, the event was an opportunity to put forth their beautiful natural materials. This year, this company, very eco-responsible, has presented three new harvesting platforms: in Serbia for Immortelle flower, in India for Jasmine, and in New Caledonia for sandalwood. The latter, very popular in perfumery and very expensive, comes more generally from India or Australia. However sandalwood from New Caledonia is starting to have a place in the perfumer’s palette. As part of a culture and eco-responsible production, LMR is committed to replanting 3 sandal trees when one is cut down and used for its essential oil. This process, which has been in place for several years, is so effective that the number of sandal trees, so far declining, is gradually increasing.

The MG Essential Ingredients Gourmet Menu:

MG Essential Ingredients is a very influential Turkish company in the local perfume market. It is a perfume creation house which also produces high quality raw materials. For this event, the company developed a surprising “Gourmet Menu”, looking like a restaurant card, in which we found the name of about twenty starters, mains and various desserts. It was actually fragrances made just like each dish. There was a Crispy Bagel, Tatin Tart, Peach Ice Tea and many other recipes. Their pizza Margherita was so successful that it immediately sent us to the table of an Italian restaurant facing a steamy pizza with crispy edges. Olfactory marketing is particularly looking for this type of fragrance. For example, this fragrance from Pizza Margherita is sprayed outside some pizzerias to encourage customers to come and eat.


The flavoured ice creams of Robertet

Robertet is a company form Grasse renowned for the very good quality of its natural raw materials. The show was an opportunity for the group to present its novelties and its most noble species such as liquid Ambrette and Heyyflor flower, exclusive to Robertet. A tasting of rolled Thai ice cream flavoured with these same materials was also proposed. The concept was to surprise visitors with a choice of atypical tastes for an ice cream. Robertet had created a mini stand held by a glacier equipped with an icing plancha that prepared Thai ice cream in front of our eyes. Its success and the queue it created were fully explained by the success of this taste experience. The juniper berry ice cream was particularly appreciated. The berries revealed their citrus and fruity taste once the spicy and slightly spicy side softened by the ice cream. The pepper-flavoured cream also surprised by its particularly floral taste.


As you will have understood, perfumers had the strongest interest in going to this event since it was for them the opportunity to discover new raw materials. As it is essential in the perfume industry to be innovative and on the lookout for new trends, this was an chance for perfumers to stimulate their creativity.

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