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Anglo-Saxon press rescuing European perfumery

The famous British newspaper “The Times”, in its issue of November 6, 2012, denounced the attempts of the European Commission to ban the use of numerous natural raw materials in perfumes, arguing that they might present a risk of causing allergies. The chosen example is that of Chanel No.5, which contains oak moss.

The article’s author gives the floor to Sylvie Jourdet:

“The perfume industry may be shattered. Chanel No.5 has never hurt anyone. It’s the end of perfume if this goes on. The more natural raw materials you use, the more risks there are of allergy. Lemon, jasmine, bergamot: all of these contain allergenic.”

These statements have widely been shared on the web:

It is as if, because of a child allergic to peanuts in a school, no one within a span of 20 km could eat PB&J sandwich*, concludes Hilary Moss from The Cut website.

* PB&J: Peanuts Butter and Jelly

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