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Our selection of winter perfumes

Winter is around the corner and the scents that are highly prevalent during this season start filling the air.

Amber, cinnamon, chocolate, orange, the wooden fire, are scents that we appreciate at this time of the year. But the question is why? Well, the cold weather and the lack of light push us to stay in and warm up while delicacies start to appear in our daily life: hot chocolate, cakes, chestnut, gingerbread are everywhere.

That is the reason why we look for warmer and sweeter notes in winter perfumes

Creassence has created, throughout the years, a few winter fragrances that warm up one’s senses.

Ambre 114, Histoire de Parfums

The majestic amber, opulent rose and ardent spices dominate in this enchanting fragrance. A warm and sweet perfume, eminently erotic.

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Vetiver Insulaire, Au fil du Temps

This perfume finds its strength and warmth in the mix between the vetiver wooded notes, the cedar and the cistus of the Corsican maquis (scrub). The citrus fruits bring some light and fresh notes that gives us the energy to wait until spring.

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Plume d’oranger, Guêpes & Papillons

More than any other time of the year, winter is the period that makes us want to spend long hours warming up in bed. This pillow mist is a fantastic addition to your sleep, with orange blossom notes and bergamot known for being very soothing.

The best part? Bottles can be customised, with initials for example, for a thoughtful Christmas gift.

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