Créassence celebrates 20 years !


Creassence celebrates its 20th anniversary and has created three summer perfumes for the occasion. Take part in our quiz to try to win the perfume that suits you the most.


At the end of the 90s, perfumery, in the hands of large groups, became very standardised, industrialised and perfume was nothing more than a fashion accessory, a marketing product.

New up and coming brands, however, wanted to return to the true values ​​of the perfume and favour the creation of original perfumes, standing out from the trends and highlighting the quality of the creation.

This movement joined my desire for independence, real contact with the founders of brands, a qualitative approach and product, as well as creative originality.

This is how Créassence came to life in June 2000, with a purpose to offer a tailor-made creation service, in response to this need for originality and alternative creation.

For 20 years, creativity in perfume will have had to adapt to the different turning points that the industry will experience:

  • The demand for entirely natural, organic compatible fragrances, in particular for cosmetic uses
  • The discovery and adaptation to our western know-how of Oud, this powerful raw material with animal scent so prized in the Middle East
  • The tightening of regulatory constraints, under the impulse of consumers in search of ever safer products, thus leading to the limitation or the prohibition of use of a large number of raw materials from our rich palette
  • The definition of the olfactory signature of companies: how to capture the personality of a hotel, bank or service company to create a perfume in its image?

Créassence knew how to follow, and even anticipate these movements.

And today what are the new challenges that Creassence will have to face for the next 20 years?

Attacking China, which wants to reclaim its ancestral perfume culture, adapt it to luxury products and thus no longer be subjected to the olfactory dictates of the West?

In search of alliance and synergy with other forms of artistic expression: synesthesia with literature, music, painting?

See you throughout these coming years to discover what will become of artistic perfumery!

Sylvie Jourdet

To celebrate its 20 years anniversary 20 years, Créassence would have liked to party with you: crossing this milestone is an important step for us and the desire to share this moment with our customers and friends delighted us and delighted us. But as conditions do not allow us, we have decided to …

Give you a gift!

For this special occasion, Sylvie Jourdet has created three fragrances to accompany you olfactory during the summer.

To find the one that best suits you…

Answer a few questions in our fun test.

You will be able to find which custom-made fragrance will transport you to your corner of paradise.

You have until Monday 6th July to participate.

Good luck!