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Creativity, originality, expertise and talent for bespoke, exclusive, prestigious perfumes.



Fragrance designer

Our job: fragrance designer

Imagine and create uniquer perfumes according to your wishes, your needs, and achieving this in respect to the purest tradition of French perfumery; this is our mission. A perfume designer will provide you with expertise and creativity to guide you through this process, would it be personal or professional.


Our know-how: from raw materials to the end product

Understand your project, involve you in the creation process and guarantee you a turnkey realisation of the products you wish: perfumes and eaux de toilettes, perfume concentrates for cosmetic products, home fragrances, candles, and so on…


Our assets: reactivity and flexibility

A small team of experts, ready to respond as quickly as possible to any type of projects, whatever the requirements regarding creativity, technicality and quantity are.


Brand identity & events

Your olfactory signature

Translate the identity of your brand into a personalised scent. Value the perception of your products, assert your difference and build up customers’ loyalty. Find out more.


The fragrance of your events

Venue openings, birthday parties, incentive seminars, private events, corporate gifts… Create and offer a bespoke perfume, to liven up and enhance your events.


Perfume workshops

Explore the world of perfume through our workshops and events. Federate your teams during an olfactory team building experience and translate your company’s values into a bespoke fragrance. A guaranteed fun, instructive and interactive moment. Find out more about our different formats.


Perfume designer

Créassence is a French perfume house that creates and manufactures high-end bespoke fragrances. It was created in 2000 by Sylvie Jourdet. As an independent business unit and membre of the “Cosmetic Valley”, Créassence creates perfumes in its laboratory in Paris and produce them in Grasse.


The French savoir-faire at the heart of all our projects.


The soul of Créassence, Sylvie Jourdet


Perfumer-Designer of Créassence, Sylvie Jourdet graduated from ISIPCA, the renowned school of perfumery, where she now held regular classes. She is also President of the Société Française des Parfumeurs.


Sylvie Jourdet’s involvement in the perfume industry, as well as her active role in the promotion of the art of perfume creation and French savoir-faire, made her a “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur”.

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