Niche perfumery: an art perfumery?


Some call it niche perfumery, artistic or artisanal perfumery, Haute-Parfumerie, confidential perfumery, independent perfumery, author’s perfumery … What definition is hidden behind these appellations?

Some call it niche perfumery, artistic or artisanal perfumery, Haute-Parfumerie, confidential perfumery, independent perfumery, author’s perfumery … What definition is hidden behind these appellations? Do they all refer to the same concept, the same philosophy, the same type of distribution, the same stores, the same services offered? Our answer is a mixed yes, a yes that includes and many nuances and paraphrases.

At the beginning, 20 years ago, the term niche mainly referred to companies operating a “confidential” distribution. A confidential distribution, of course, but also and above all intimate places, apparently often considered elitist, but much more welcoming and warm than most mass-market perfumeries.

The consumers of this so-called niche perfumery are often more knowledgeable.

The perfumers creators are at the forefront of the brand, often put forward, enjoying the pleasure of expressing themselves in full freedom.

The teams are simplified, meaning that in the majority of cases, the artistic director works directly with the perfumer and therefore assumes the role of evaluator (this intellectual and technical tandem will bear fruit in the form of a beautiful perfume).

The raw materials used are of high quality, and the marketing budget deployed ensures high brand visibility (advertising, muse, …).

The staff are competent, expert in perfumery, and the sales teams are qualified, trained, key advisers who play an important role in the purchasing decision, interlocutors in the image of the brand.

But what does niche perfumery means nowadays, and how has it evolved?

A number of pioneering brands have been bought by large groups and have won a place of honour in the fine stores of “Belle Parfumerie”. As a result, niche perfumery has seen the birth, flourish and proliferation of many brands of “author’s perfumes”, “artisanal perfumes”, with a rare, exclusive, independent positioning …

Two exhibitions are dedicated to this trend: Excence (the 12th edition should have been held next April in Milan, but has been postponed to February 2021) and Fragranze (17th edition in September 2020 in Florence).

The question then arises of so-called “classic” brands, have they stayed to watch this phenomenon? No, of course, almost all of them have also added, alongside their mainstream perfumes, an “haute-parfumerie” collection, or “exclusive” collections, made of high-end perfumes… The difference can be seen once again in the choice of selective distribution, in the price, in the packaging, in the quality of the raw materials used in the formula and in the inspirations, which pay homage to the heritage of the house or perfumer.

What are the places where we can find the perfumes we just talked about?
In independent stores (in Paris, a very high concentration can be found in the Marais where you could go for scented strolls), in luxury boutiques (displaying their perfumes alongside clothing and leather goods), in luxury or trendy concept stores, in department stores and multi-brand boutiques that have the privilege of offering you an excellent quality service.

What is niche for us?

It is a balance between neo-classicism (return to virtue, beautiful raw materials, architecture of the formula) and modernity (inspiration and unexpected marriages, innovative and shocking raw materials) and with the wish that modernity today will become the classic of tomorrow.

Born at the same time as the niche perfumery, Créassence has always had at heart to support all these new brands by understanding their DNA and creating for them exclusive, daring, high-end perfumes, meeting their expectations and brand identity.

We have worked with many niche brands, for which we have developed one or more perfumes. We invite you to visit their online stores (while waiting for some of them, the physical reopening).



Brand of niche perfumes looking for the link between the spectacle of odours and their effects on what binds us to the world.




Irish handcrafted brand that tells the story of a family and their love for the nature around them.




Superb timeless French brand that tells tradition, beauty and heritage since 1988.




Tola is an Emirati niche perfume brand created in 2010 by Dhaher Bin Dhaher. Tola is the epitome of memories; stories in stories …



Perfumes by authors who tell stories inspired by characters, raw materials and mythical years.




Norwegian niche brand, with sleek packaging which has the mission to manufacture products without any compromise.