Is our olfactory memory based on the scent of our Mom?


It is the sense of smell – and incidentally taste – that largely determines the structure and architecture of our memory. Nothing can, like a smell, revive an emotion buried and buried, to make it reborn almost intact, in all its initial vigour. Olfactory therapy is also increasingly used for people with memory problems.

It is above all the smells and tastes of our childhood that allow us to keep the most present memories of our past, when the sensations linked to the other senses have disappeared or diminished.

This month, to celebrate Mother’s Day, go take an inventory of odours hidden in the cellar of your memories, let yourself be transported in a light nostalgia. Revive the emotion of your interior garden and above all go rediscover the fragrance of your Mom!

Perhaps it will have changed a little (in some cases the formula has been altered over time) or perhaps it will be difficult to find in the usual commercial circuits.

In this case, do you know that the Osmotheque welcomes you to make you discover or rediscover legendary perfumes, including, perhaps, the one worn by your Mom?

To browse the smells that marked our childhood, we recommend a nice read, “PERFUMES” by Philippe Claudel, whose foreword delights us:

By making an inventory of the perfumes that move us – what I have done for myself, what everyone can do for themselves – we travel freely in a lifetime. The luggage is light. We breathe and let ourselves go. Time no longer exists: because it is also the magic of perfumes that to withdraw us from the current that carries us away, and give us the illusion that we are always what we have been, or that we have been what we we are about to be. Then the head turns us deliciously. – P.C.

After reading this ABC of scents, we hope that you will find your own olfactory memory.

Ours ? The reassuring, nostalgic and sensual smell of Carlota d’Amour’s Milk-Honey Body Cream. And to perpetuate this addictive feeling, Carlota declines this cult fragrance in hydroalcoholic gel, soon available for purchase in its e-shop and in its Parisian salon, in the 8th district.